What should you pay attention to in bacterial vaginitis?

Women will inevitably encounter such a trouble: gynecological diseases are always “love to find things”!

If a female friend is irregular in eating and drinking and has bad habits every day, it is easy to be found by gynecological diseases!

So, for our physical health, what should we pay attention to in bacterial vaginitis?

How can I prevent bacterial vaginosis?

Let’s take a look.

You should know the harm of bacterial vaginitis. 1. Increase the risk of AIDS. Women who are implanted with bacterial vaginitis provide a convenient channel for HIV to enter the body, greatly increasing the contagiousness of AIDS, so female friends mustIt is of concern, and once suffering from AIDS, life will be dead end.

2, may cause other complications when women suffering from bacterial vaginitis, may cause disseminated bacterial vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis meningitis, spinal radiculopathy, pelvic inflammatory disease and other complications.

The occurrence of these diseases will bring great harm to women, and bacterial vaginitis also has a great relationship with malignant tumors.

3, affecting families and women who are susceptible to bacterial vaginosis, there will be a very serious burden on the mind, because of fear of causing cancer, fear of transmission to the husband, thus avoiding the husband and wife life, not willing to live with the husband and wife, the mostGood sexual dysfunction can occur, which can affect family harmony and even depression.

4, affecting prenatal and postnatal care When a woman suffers from bacterial vaginosis, the female uterus will be infected, this time pregnant, complications of uterine infection in women, and finally lead to female abortion, stillbirth, etc., from these circumstances,Pregnant women suffering from bacterial vaginitis will affect prenatal and postnatal care, so women who have to give birth must be cured before they can become pregnant.

Precautions for preventing bacterial vaginitis 1. Diet should pay attention to normal life, should develop a regular diet, diet should pay attention to light, do not eat too much spicy and irritating food, alcohol or other beverages or wine should be lessDrink or not drink, it is best to exercise regularly to improve the body’s immunity.

2, develop good living habits to prevent bacterial vaginitis, women must develop good living habits, usually it is best to use the shower, do not wash the bath, do not swim in the pool without disinfection, avoid toilets in public toilets, etc., clothing should also wear more cotton loose underwear, pay attention to washing clothes, to avoid repeated infection with bacterial vaginitis.

3, sex life should pay attention to the husband and wife sex life must pay attention to do a good job of sanitation, to avoid bacterial infection caused by unclean sex, but also pay attention to the use of contraception to prevent the loss of human flow, and finally lead to vaginitis.

Gynecologists tell the majority of female friends, everyone must pay attention to protect themselves in life, once you find vaginal vaginitis, please go to the hospital in time to check and treat, to avoid delaying the disease.