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30?35-year-old female skin care highlights

Guide: Women have different characteristics of skin at different ages, 30?
The skin of a 35-year-old woman is facing an important stage of transformation in life. The probability of cell renewal will decrease, cell activity will decrease, and lack of moisture will increase. This will greatly reduce the skin’s gloss, and the entire face will appear severely dry, dull, and lack elasticSymptoms such as spots and small fine lines appear.

Let’s follow Xiaobian to see 30?
35-year-old female skin care focus.

  However, if a woman in her 30s is properly maintained, her skin can still be smooth and hydrated, and it is easy to see no traces of years.

But if you don’t add more protection or the method of protection is incorrect, many skin problems may occur.

For example, the stratum corneum of the skin is noticeably thickened, the skin tone is dull, and the skin appears wrinkled and spotted.

Therefore, the focus of 30-year-old women’s skin care is to remove the dullness and eliminate spots.

  There are two main ways to freckle and whiten.


Sun protection.

Sun protection better isolates and blocks melanin.

The second is moisturizing. Use skin care products suitable for yourself to prevent drying and aging.



Proper massage every day can promote blood circulation and revitalize the skin.

When massaging, it is best to use some massage skin cream.

  Skin care products should choose high nutrition, which can enhance maintenance and prevent early aging, wrinkles and other types suitable for their skin.

In addition, it should be applied on time every week, generally 1?
2 times to prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

  At this time on the diet, drink more fresh fruit juice, preferably freshly squeezed such as purple grape juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice, kiwi juice, etc.

Also pay attention to supplement some collagen, such as eating more trotters, skin, fish, especially marine fish is better.

  Message from the editor: Boiling water and fruits can fill the skin.

Women in this age group have gradually weakened endocrine and ovarian functions, and their skin is prone to dryness.

It is best to drink a glass of honey water at a moderate temperature after getting up in the morning, until you should eat more fresh fruits.