Stick to eat a little every day, eliminate the hemorrhoids and blood in the stool

The “natural enemies” of acne have been found!
Stick to eat a little every day, eliminate the hemorrhoids and blood in the stool

Nowadays, everyone’s living conditions are constantly improving. Hot pots, barbecues and snacks are everywhere. Poor diet and lifestyle cause health problems.

Acne is one of the most prone anorectal diseases, and it is painful and unbearable to attack, which greatly affects the quality of life.

So what do we do with acne?

The “natural enemies” of acne have been found!
Insist on eating a little every day, eliminate acne and blood in the body, light persimmon, fungus, black fungus, 5 grams, 30 grams of dried persimmon, honey amount.

Soak the black fungus, cut the persimmon into cubes, add water to boil, and then add the right amount of honey.

1 per day?
2 times, you can take it in the morning and evening, and you can relieve it after 10 days.

This side has a beneficial effect of nourishing yin, stopping bleeding, and is suitable for hemorrhoids bleeding, with good results.

The tender seedlings of the cellar are tender and strong, with short-handed leaflets and purple-red petals.

It is also a Chinese herbal medicine.

Sexual cold, bitter acid, non-toxic; liver, lung, kidney and large intestine.

There are cooling blood to stop bleeding, clearing away heat and detoxification, cultivating yin, reducing swelling and sore.

Seaweed soup.

Just need 10 grams of seaweed, then add the right amount of MSG, sesame oil, soy sauce, and drink a bowl half an hour before dinner.

Seaweed contains soft, coarse fiber, a large amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and multivitamins.

Can promote gastrointestinal movement, reduce hemorrhoids bleeding, prevent anal dissociation.

Perilla root sage has a role in solving the problem and is rich in medicinal value.

The roots of perilla can be used to treat acne.

Brewing the perilla root with boiling water, drinking twice a day for two weeks, has a good effect on the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Honeysuckle is a common food in the countryside. Because its flowers, vines and roots can be used as medicines, it is also named “Sambo”, and some people call it “the little god of medicine shop”.Throw 2 capsules, drink a cup in the morning and evening can not only dispel the wind and heat, but also clear the blood poison, effectively improve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, constipation, blood in the stool.

Black sesame: Black sesame seeds are very beneficial to promote the effect of laxative in the body. People with hemorrhoids suggest eating more sesame seeds, which is very beneficial to laxation, which is very beneficial to prevent hemorrhoids bleeding, and also has a great recovery for the disease.s help.

Malan: Malan’s root is used as a medicine for the treatment of acne. It is made with fresh Maran in the spring and summer season and dried in autumn and winter, and the salt is boiled in white water. At the same time, the juice is put together, and the water is fried with Malanga salt.The affected area has a good effect.