It’s childish intention

It’s childish intention

Without “new”, “Ding Dong .” A lot of parts were brought in after the doorbell rang.

  After two hours of DIY, my grandfather finally assembled a powerful electric police car.

  Mom said it was a gift from Xinyi.



It really fits my mind!

“I was pleasantly surprised to find that whenever new things always bring me happiness, such as: new motorcycles, new pistols, new balls, new films, new shoes, etc.

  I want to raise my hand and squeeze, “Can I question?

“Of course .” Mom’s expression was looking forward.

  ”Has the new mother been cut?


Ah ~~~!

  Tip: Good questioning is a manifestation of baby’s curiosity. Generally speaking, a good questioning baby is diligent in thinking, loves to be hands-on, and has a strong thirst for knowledge. Whenever a baby asks a question, parents can accept the reaction with an expression and give it appropriately.Oral praise, such as “This question is well raised”, “Yes, how do you think of this question?

“and many more.

Making babies feel happy asking questions is often a matter of pride in asking questions.

This has a great effect on your baby’s thinking development.

  Before I went to bed, my mother and I whispered in bed.

  I asked: “nose”, mother replied: “nose”; “eyes”, “eyes”; “ears”, “ears”; “mouths”, “mouths”; “teeth”, “teeth” . is it really difficultCan’t she?

I’m not convinced, I have to get some tricky!

  I think about it-“booger”!

  Oh oh!

When I saw my mother’s speech, I was full of joy: “booger, booger, booger .” Tip: Sometimes, it is difficult for parents to answer the questions raised by the baby for a while. You can find the information and then reply to the baby.Don’t pretend to understand, answer rashly.

  You can also teach your baby how to find answers.

For example, you can let your baby read the book with yourself to find the answer, which will make the baby know that the book is a useful thing, which will stimulate the baby’s interest in the book.

If some questions can be obtained through observation, then guide the baby to find out the answer through observation and thinking.

  The submarine mother went to Hefei, I took the opportunity to have fun.

  Kung fu is worthy of someone who cares, I turned the box over and over, and finally found the baby-“submarine”!


Why did you drag a little tail?

“” Also with a plug?

“Let me handle it with scissors-” click!
“Don’t my mother be disappointed now?
I don’t think it can be ironed anymore, hee hee!


What a magnificent “submarine”, great!

  Hint: In order to have a relatively stable economic environment, parents have to work hard.

Even if you are not around, it is best to be able to feel your presence from time to time.

Before leaving home, leave a note for the baby to tell the family: “Baby, I love you, the table is with the picture book I bought for you yesterday”; or when traveling, the baby can receive blessings from afarAnd greetings.

  Hula hoop “Little Buick, look!

The hula hoop will listen to my mother, and if I want it back, it will come back!

“I saw my mother blew two breaths in the palm of her hand, grabbed the hula hoop, and turned hard to the ground, saying,” Come back!

“-Hula hoop is really obedient back!

  I was puzzled and took this yo-yo guy up and down and researched inside and out for a long time-“Mom, it will listen to me!”

“I tried my best to push the milk, pushed the hula hoop forward, and shouted,” Hula hoop, don’t-come back-come! ”

“-I saw that the hula hoop rolled farther and farther, but I didn’t come back.
Hehe, hehe, mom, am I great?

Hehe, hehe . Hint: it’s lively, fun, and affectionate-any game you think is common and simple can do it.

As you play with your baby in person, you will gradually understand the language of your baby and your movement ability has been greatly improved. Of course, more importantly, he will develop a happy personality with him.Do it.

  The watermelon seed mother wore black and white pajamas on white backgrounds and proudly shuttled in various rooms, which suddenly reminded me of-big-west-melon!

  So I hurried to report to my grandmother: “Grandma!

Mom grows watermelon seeds, grows watermelon seeds . Hint: The topics of babies are often beyond your expectation. Maybe you will think “Oh my God, why should he even say such simple things” or “He evenCome say that. ”

In any case, the most basic thing you need to do to ask and talk with your baby is to be patient, listen as much as possible, and take it seriously.

  The buffalo event mom bought me a sneaker with a nice name called “SNOOPY” and I really like it.

  I made this request when I woke up in the morning: “SNOOPY!



“The grandmother didn’t understand English, and the bull’s head was wrong.” You have too many flower heads, right? ”

Where is buffalo?

“I insisted:” SNOOPY, SNOOPY . “Grandma was okay, so she moved in with her grandfather for analysis.

As a result, slippers, leather shoes, sandals, cloth shoes . throwing the ground, “SNOOPY” still could not be found.

  Gradually I lost my patience. I was about to tears and snot, and my grandmother suddenly smiled: “I found it!

found it!
Yellow leather!

“I look around, a pair of high-top leather shoes, and the hoes are just fine, hee hee!

  Finally, the “buffalo” incident was resolved peacefully. Grandpa and grandma sighed with relief, hey-!

  Tips: There are only two main purposes for babies to talk: one is to share their feelings with others to prove their existence; the other is to change others by talking because they want others to do something for themselves, rightSomeone else asks.

These are to meet the basic needs of life.

Never what your baby says is amazing, ridiculous, maybe, intermittent or repetitive, please listen carefully.

  I have had a cough frequently on Thursday and I haven’t seen any improvement in taking medicine.

So grandma must have said, “Why not rest for two days at home?
“I applaud hard, support with both hands and feet!

  As the saying goes: “Happy days are always too short .” Well, just after a few “days”, my mother started to say “tightening curse”: “Shall we go to kindergarten today?
“Uh-huh, uh-huh .” My condition suddenly worsened.

  ”No garlic is allowed, you must go today, there is no room for discussion.

“Mom still persists.

  As soon as I was in a hurry, I moved to rescue the soldiers. My grandmother thoughtfully asked: “When is that baby going?

“it is good!

Asked too much!

I responded solemnly now: “Thursday!

“Tip: There are many families who like one” sing red face “and one” sing white face “; one is harsh on the baby and one is close to the baby.

The previous roles are often mom and dad, and the later roles are grandparents and other older generations.

As parents, at this time we should pay attention to communicating with the elders, and let the baby think and solve as much as possible.

Of course, in addition to communicating with the elders, it is also necessary to communicate with the baby. Parents explain the advantages and disadvantages to them. I believe that most babies will also be “sensible.”