Food recipes for treating baby’s cold

Diet conditioning is an important way to prevent and treat colds. Here are 5 dietary methods recommended by doctors for different babies.

  1, “Yin deficiency” baby recipe Lily wolfberry pork porridge Yin deficiency baby is generally thin, sleepy sweaty, easily upset, thirsty, red tongue, less tongue coating.

This kind of baby is easy to catch cold due to sweating and catch a cold. It is recommended to eat “lily wolfberry meat porridge” to nourish.

  Materials: 20-30 grams of lily, 10 grams of wolfberry, minced pork and rice.

  Method: first cook rice into porridge, and then add lily, wolfberry, and minced pork to cook together.

  2, “Qi deficiency” baby recipes Yam pork porridge Qi deficiency babies are generally fat, puffy, have a thin tongue coating, tongue is not red, this kind of baby because of weak constitution, also easy to catch a cold, suitable recipe is “Yam pork porridge”.

  Materials: 20 grams of yam (or raw yam slices), minced pork and rice.

  Method: first cook rice into porridge, cook yam and minced pork together until cooked.

  For babies who already have a cold, they need to be conditioned by a light, nutritious diet.

  3, “cold cold” baby recipes light on the previous rice porridge If your baby in the early stages of the cold, have the following symptoms: cough, sputum and thin, thin nose, white tongue coating, white and dry stool, a lot of urine, do not loveDrinking water is usually cold, mostly because of cold and cold.

At this time, the suitable recipe for the baby is “light white previous rice porridge.

“Materials: 5-6 sections of scallion (root of scallion), 6-7 slices of ginger, a proper amount of rice.

  Method: first boil the previous rice into porridge, and add the onion white into the porridge at the same time, put ginger in the oven when it is ready to cook for 5-10 minutes, then turn off the flame.

  4. “Hot cold baby” recipe Mint burdock porridge porridge If the baby’s symptoms at the beginning of the cold are: phlegm cough, sore throat, love drinking water, sticky nose, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, pulse pulseFaster than usual, usually a cold.

At this time, you need to cook “mint burdock porridge” for your baby.

  Ingredients: 6 grams of peppermint, 10 grams of burdock seeds, previous rice amount.

  Method: Cook the burdock for 15 minutes, remove the burdock, and leave the juice for later use.

Cook the stem rice into porridge, add mint after 10 minutes, add burdock juice when the porridge is ready, and cook for 5 minutes.

  5, “Healthy Baby” anti-cold recipe Yupingfeng powder materials: American ginseng or Codonopsis 10 grams, atractylodes 10 grams, windproof 6 grams.

  Method: Boil American ginseng, Codonopsis chinensis, Atractylodes, and windproof water, and take juice for tea.

You can also take Yupingfeng oral solution, which can help your baby effectively prevent colds and improve immunity.