Elegant and beautiful yoga basic movements

-“Coach Notes for Yoga” “Life is not in the results, but in the process.

“Once upon a time, when I saw this sentence, I was very moved.

This sentence also caused me to think about yoga.

  In fact, in our country, because many yoga pictures are good, as well as compact discs, each instructor does the yoga asana perfectly, so it has misled many people who want to practice yoga.

In fact, yoga asana is only the most basic practice of yoga. What the coach shows is only the ultimate asana, and flexibility is only part of yoga.

If yoga requires flexibility, all those who practice dance, gymnastics, or acrobatics can become yoga teachers.

  Yoga is not a “competition” for difficult poses.

In the full earthly life, our physiology is so tired, why make ourselves more tired in the world of yoga!

There is no single asana in all yoga classics. Yoga emphasizes the overall consciousness: the breathing and movement are well coordinated, the consciousness is focused, and you gradually stay in a comfortable position for a while, but you can move your body parts to that position.Get the effect of yoga practice!

Don’t just see Master Iyengar’s ultimate asana in The Light of Yoga, in fact every process is an asana.

It’s like flowers blooming, with buds, first blooms, blooms and blooms, every moment is beautiful.

  Yoga practice has never forced herself. She just asks you to practice according to your physical condition and listen to the sounds of your body to find a practice that suits you.

Absolutely how soft or stiff your body can be. Everything outside the body is only the thickest of yoga. Please be careful and focus on the present!

Use your heart to experience the physical feelings of each process!

Asanas are just a small part of yoga. It’s not about difficulty. Don’t compare.

There is another explanation of yoga asanas, called “the awakening of the body”!

  Yoga practice is a very comfortable and enjoyable process, and it is a relaxing thing.

The practice of yoga starts with breathing, not with so-called limb movements.

As long as you can breathe, you can do yoga.

In a physiologically stable state, let your breath move with your limbs!

The practice of yoga is not habitual limb stretching. The practice of yoga consists in feeling and awareness.

How long have you never practiced and what kind of posture have you never been, please face it with a zero mindset!

Yoga is for yourself, dance is for others!

  Indifferent and bright, quiet and far away.

Yoga asanas do not lie in the result, but in the process!