Inventory puzzles and brain-damaging baby food!

Parents want their children to be smart and clever, so businesses have launched a variety of children’s educational and health products, and parents pay a lot of money.

In fact, many everyday foods are the “masters” of real puzzle and brain.

The top 3 fish of “Puzzle Food”: The proteins ingested by fish, such as globulin, albumin, phosphorus-containing nucleoprotein, unsaturated fatty acids, iron, vitamin B12 and other components, are all necessary for young children’s brain developmentNutrition.

Experts believe that the unsaturated fatty acids contained in freshwater fish are not as high as marine fish, and that China’s freshwater fish farming waters are more polluted today, so it is recommended that children eat freshwater fish and marine fish in a ratio of 1: 2.

Eggs: No matter eggs, duck eggs, pigeon eggs, children are encouraged to eat whole eggs. Eggs are only an excellent source of protein, and the choline released from the lecithin in the egg yolk can synthesize acetylcholine.Significantly improves children’s memory.

In addition, the iron and phosphorus content of egg yolk is high, which is also conducive to children’s brain development.

Walnut kernels: Walnut kernels can nourish the blood and nourish the marrow, strengthen the kidneys and nourish the brain, and it is a great product to strengthen memory and understanding.

Parents can stew walnut porridge for their children, or mix mashed walnut kernels with black sesame seeds and put them in slices or buns for their children.

Walnut kernel contains fat and cholesterol, which is not easy to digest. Generally 3?
6-year-olds eat 3 or 4 large walnuts a day.

The 4th-10th almonds of “Puzzle Food”: Large sweet almonds have the functions of heart-building, eyesight, and intelligence. Frequent use can make children smarter.

Peel the bought almonds together with peanuts and soybeans. Crush the almond and peanut soymilk with a soymilk machine and place them for the child to absorb.

Jujube: Drink red jujube soup or eat a handful of fresh dates at night, which can absorb a large amount of vitamin C and trace elements. It has a soothing and nourishing effect. It makes children who sleep easily in the middle of the night sleep well and enhances the “potential memory” after falling asleep.

Longan meat: It has the effect of nourishing and soothe the nerves of frail children. Long-term use can improve the child’s forgetfulness and has the effect of strengthening heart and nourishing.

However, longan meat is hot and humid. Whether it is fresh longan or dry longan, eat it up to three times a week. Gluttonism can easily make children angry, and dry stools and other problems occur.

Honey: contains a variety of nootropic ingredients, transferred to warm water to take, can treat constipation in children.

It is best to take it in the morning. It can also be spread on bread slices or buns.

Apple: Contains malol which can enhance memory.

Try to let your children eat fresh apples instead of high-temperature processed apple chips and blended apple juice with a large amount of stabilizers and flavor modifiers.

Freshly squeezed apple juice is best squeezed together with the skin, and let the child drink it within ten minutes to prevent oxidation of apple alcohol.

Grapes: Purple grapes are better than light cyan. Grapes are recognized as one of the best antioxidants. They can nourish the liver and kidneys, strengthen qi, and be intelligent. But the child’s daily consumption is best controlled within 200 grams.So as not to consume too much polysaccharides to affect the intake of meals.

Black fungus: It can purify blood and keep it light.

For chubby people who like to eat meat, burgers and other high-fat foods, the alkaline substances released by black fungus can absorb cerebral atheromatous plaques that cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, which significantly improves memory and thinking.

5 kinds of “brain-damaging food” pickled foods: including pickles, mustards, bacon, salted fish, watercress, and various preserved preserved foods. Containing excessively high salt content will not only cause hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other diseases, but alsoWill damage the arteries and blood vessels in the brain, cause the expansion of brain cells and hypoxia, cause the child’s memory to decline, mental retardation.

Food that is too fresh: Foods containing MSG will cause severe zinc deficiency in children under the age of one, and zinc is one of the most important trace elements for brain development, so even if your child is a little older, you should eat lessFresh foods, such as various puffed foods, dried fish, instant noodles, etc.

Frying and smoked food: A few of fish and meat can be easily converted into peroxides after being fried or heated continuously for more than 200 degrees, and this substance can cause premature brain aging and directly damage brain development.
Leaded foods: Excessive lead is difficult to rule out after entering the bloodstream, and can directly harm the brain.

Popcorn, pine eggs, beer lead mixture, traditional iron cans and glass bottle cans also contain a certain amount of lead, so these “canned food” parents also want their children to eat less.

Foods containing aluminum: fried dough sticks, oil cakes, when you make it, you must add a clear person as a hair rising agent, and the Ming staff (aluminum trioxide) has a high lead content. Frequent eating will cause memory loss and slow response, so parents should letChildren quit the habit of making breakfast with churros and cakes.

Children’s Health Tips Don’t Eat All Fruits When You Have A Cough?

Fruits are rich in vitamins and trace elements and are an important source of vitamin supplements. Vitamins are essential for improving immunity and fighting the cold virus.

Therefore, with the exception of citrus, banana, and persimmon, most fruits can be eaten.

You can warm the fruit a little bit in winter before eating it.

After the pears are pitted, they are stewed with Chuanbei powder and rock sugar, and eating pear drink soup is still a good medicine for nourishing the lungs and relieving cough.

Do n’t eat chicken, fish and beef as soon as you have hepatitis?

From a medical point of view, foods such as chicken, duck, fish, beef, and orange have nothing to do with hepatitis B. Hepatitis B is mainly caused by hepatitis B virus in the body. At this time, the child needs sufficient protein and vitamins to enhanceImmunity, fight against hepatitis virus, blindly avoid it at this time, the effect is counterproductive.