Study says regular consumption of sugary drinks can lead to taste degradation

The latest research from the University of Bristol in the UK shows that drinking two bottles of sugary drinks a day can cause passivation of taste buds, and the desire for high levels of food is correspondingly strengthened.

  The researchers recruited people who did not normally drink sugary drinks to conduct the test. They were asked to drink two bottles of sugary drinks a day and tested for sensitivity to taste.

A month later, when they retested, their sensitivity to sweetness dropped greatly, and they couldn’t enjoy it as before.

It is precisely because of their decline in sweetness that the testers who do not like to eat sweets also gradually fell in love with it after drinking sugary drinks for a month.

Professor Hans Peter Kubis of Bangor University believes that taste buds can lead to a “vicious circle”, and because of an acceptable decline in taste, people can only eat sweeter and higher foods to compensate, obese, chronicDiseases followed.