One action returns your style

The tight and straight sexy hip shape makes the back ecstasy. A beautiful woman cannot lack a perfect back, and a perfect back cannot lack a seductive hip.

It is the object that the ancient Romans highly praised and worshiped. It is the “untranslatable Venus”. It has a different charm and affection, and the moment of gentle twisting makes you look good.

  Beautiful buttocks are a temptation: buttocks are an important component of sexy, beautiful buttocks are a temptation!

It’s no wonder that in addition to making a big fuss between showing off and revealing, fashion designers also have to highlight the beauty of the cutting edge, trying to shape the beautiful buttocks “thrilling.”

  Test: Is your chest attractive?

Look at the age and the corresponding hip ratio (cm)?

  Age: 20-30 years; 30-40 years; 40-50 years.

  Hips: Height x 0.

542; height × 0.

553; height × 0.

Below 565 teach everyone a simple action.

  Efficacy: Repeat the contraction and contraction of the gluteal muscles and the femoral muscles, squeeze and eliminate the excess, lift the hips and beautify the hip shape, it is the best choice for women who want to recover their body after delivery

  Tip: Breathe evenly, keep your shoulders relaxed, and do n’t shrug your shoulders. At the same time, do n’t lean your waist forward during the exercise, try to be parallel to the ground, keep breathing 3 times, and do the other side exercise.

  Action: Step 1.

Kneel, democracy straight, perpendicular to the ground, body shaped like a four-legged bench.

  The second step 2.

Inhale, lift your head, slump, and hips, while tilting your left leg backwards, trying to raise it upwards, looking upwards.

  Third step 3.

Exhale, lower your head, bend your left knee, and try to touch your forehead with the upper left.

Inhale, restore your body, and do the other side.