The most classic cure for broken love in history

Dialogue between Socrates and the brokenhearted So (Socrates): Child, why are you sad?

  Lost (lost in love): I’m broken.

  Sue: Oh, this is normal.

If there is no sorrow after falling in love, there may be no taste in love.

But, young man, how do I find that your supplement to broken love is even more enthusiastic than the supplement to love?

  Missing: The grapes in hand are lost. This regret, this loss, you are not a middleman.

  Sue: If you lose it, you lose it. Why not go on, there are still a lot of delicious grapes.

  Missing: Wait, wait for the sea to die, until her heart turns towards me.

  Sue: That day may never come.

You’ll finally watch as she walks away with another person.

  Missing: Then I use suicide to show my sincerity.

  Sue: But if you do this, you will not only lose your lover, but also lose yourself, you will suffer double losses.

  Missing: How about stepping on her?

Don’t think about others I can’t get.

  Sue: But this can only make you farther from her, and you originally wanted to be closer to her.

  Missing: What do you say I should do?

I really love her.

  Sue: Really love?

  Miss: Yes.

  Sue: Of course you want the person you love to be happy?

  Miss: That’s natural.

  Sue: What if she thought it was a happiness to leave you?

  Missing: No!

She once told me that she was happy only when she was with me!

  Sue: It used to be, it was in the past, but she doesn’t think so now.

  : This means that she has been lying to me?

  Sue: No, she has always been loyal to you.

When she loves you, she is with you. Now that she doesn’t love you, she is gone. There is no such loyalty in the world.

If she no longer loves you, but still pretends to be very affectionate to you, and even marries you and has children, that is the real deception.

  Missing: But wasn’t the feeling I absorbed for her wasted?

Who will compensate me?

  Su: No, your feelings have never been wasted, and there is no problem of compensation at all, because when you give your feelings, she also gives you feelings. When you give her happiness, she also gives you happiness.

  Missing: But she doesn’t love me now, but I still love her hard, how unfair!

  Sue: It’s not fair. I mean you’re not fair to the person you love.

Originally, it is your right to love her, but it is her right to love you or not, but you want to deprive others of the freedom to exercise their rights when they exercise their rights.

How unfair it is!

  Missing: But you clearly see that it is me, not her, who is suffering, I am suffering for her.

  Su: Suffering for her?She may have a good life, it is better to say that you are suffering for yourself.

Obviously for himself, but still under the banner of others.

Young people, can’t lose virtue.

  Missing: In your opinion, it all turned out to be my fault?

  Sue: Yes, you made a mistake from the beginning.

If you can bring her happiness, she won’t leave her life. You know, no one will escape happiness and loss: But she doesn’t even give me a chance, you said that it was abominable?

  Sue: Absolutely.

Fortunately you are enough for this abominable person now, you should be happy, kid.

  Miss: Happy?

How could it be, anyway, I was abandoned by others, which always made people feel inferior.

  Sue: No, young people can only have pride, not inferiority.

Keep in mind that what is abandoned is not just bad.

  Lost: How do you say this?

  Sue: Once I saw a set of noble suits in the store. I couldn’t help it, the salesperson asked me if I wanted to.

Guess I think, I said the amplitude is too bad, don’t!

Actually, I have no money in my pocket.

Young man, maybe you are this abandoned suit.

  Missing: You are really comforting, but unfortunately you still can’t lead me out of the pain of a broken love.

  Sue: Yes, I regret that I do not have this ability.

However, a capable friend can be recommended to you.

  Miss: Who?

  Su: Time, time is the greatest mentor of people. I have seen countless dead people who have been tortured by broken love. It is time to help them heal the trauma of the soul and re-select the lover of their dreams for them. In the end, they all enjoyed it.The share of human happiness that was supposed to belong to you.

  Missing: I wish I had this day too, but where should I start?

  Sue: Thanks to the one who abandoned you and blessed her.

  Miss: Why?

  Sue: Because she gave you a loyalty, and gave you a new opportunity to find happiness.