Three magic tricks quickly integrate into the Latin dance group

Is it that he hasn’t acted on Latin for a long time, but because of various confusions?

I believe that someone will have such a contradictory mentality. In fact, it is very simple. As long as you dress appropriately, put your mind in the right direction, and accept yourself, everything is OK. Let ‘s explore it together!

  ■ Costume: Latin dance is also known as Latin-style dance or free social dance. In order to better reflect the beauty of Latin, it is best to choose a navel top that can make people active and slender.Some tight clothing of Lycra fabric, which can keep the surface of the clothes dry when sweating, to increase the dancer’s expressiveness, and also to show the hip movements of the dancer.

Girl’s dance shoes should be about 6 cm high heels, boys’ shoes should be smoother.

  ■ Mentality: Be sure to have an open mind, and beginners should not be timid.

Don’t be discouraged by not making much progress in the short term.

When you first come into contact with Latin dance, you may feel that your body is not so flexible, very mechanical, and stiff, but as long as you are diligent in practice, you will dance naturally and smoothly.

  Form: Many people who do n’t know Latin dance often have this question: “I am fat, can I dance Latin?


In fact, the most important thing for Latin dance is to accept your body shape, make it more beautiful, and become more beautiful, so that you will have a flexible and elastic waist and moving body language.