Simple 5-minute wrinkles appear ten years later

Everyone knows that no woman likes wrinkles. How to make the wrinkles on the side appear later is of course a topic that every woman cares about.

Below, I will introduce a simple facial exercise that promotes blood circulation on the face and relieves skin muscle tension.

5 minutes a day, keep going, and your wrinkles will appear 10 years later than your peers.

  1 Facing the mirror, stand upright.

The feet are naturally separated in parallel.

  Support your two lower jaws with 2 backs.

  3 Laugh naturally, making the muscles under the face slightly tense.

  4 While breathing deeply, lift both elbows to both sides.

Gently press your jaw with your fingers and the back of your hand and slowly lift it up.

  5 When both elbows and hands are completely level, use the pressure of the hands to support the lower jaw until the head is slightly raised, then move 4 to continue breathing deeply.

The first time is preferably 5 seconds.

  6 Use 5 seconds to exhale to restore the original posture, and use the weight of the lower jaw to gently press the back of the hand.

  7 After proficient in movements, the time for knee protection is gradually extended to 5 seconds, 8 seconds, 10 seconds . The more repetitions, the better.

  8 Sitting, lying, standing can be performed.

  9 Set the center of the upper and lower lips again.

Mouth is slightly opened, and the set point is replaced into the mouth.

On the whole, the lips are rolled inward, the mouth shape is slightly opened, and the shape is oval.

  10 Place your index fingers on the front of the two cheekbones.

  11 Connect the action and repeat the action of slowly lifting the corners of your mouth and then relaxing.

Use your index finger to feel the muscles around the cheekbones, and hang it upwards in an embedded manner.

  12 Repeat this operation 10-20 times.

  13 Mouth opens, wraps teeth with upper and lower lips and rolls in.

  14 Imagine that the cheeks are gradually raised, and gradually return to the natural, elastic appearance.

Gently draw a circle with your fingers, and stroke the cheeks that are elastic.

  * Create a bright expression: open one mouth, cover your teeth with your upper and lower lips and roll in.

  2 Act on the street and stretch upwards at the corner of the mouth.

  3 Keep the corners of the mouth tense, hold your fingers against the two jaws, and gradually move your hands up until the finger tips reach the corners of your eyes.

  4 If you want to tighten your facial skin, lift it up elastically and repeat this action 10-20 times.