Therapeutic facial

Women’s skin is delicate and sensitive to the climate.

Autumn is dry, and the skin of women is damaged and sagging. For skin beauty, you should eat more tonic.

Here are a few ways to help women recuperate, skincare, and beauty.

  Women’s skin is delicate and sensitive to the climate.
The dry weather in spring can penetrate women’s skin, and for skincare and beauty, eat more tonics.

The following introduces several methods of diet and moisturizing.

Eat tonics, such as pears, sesame, lily, snow fungus, chuanbei, almonds, coriander, chestnuts, etc. are all the best lung and spleen food. Those who like desserts can eat some of these foods in spring.

  For example, Sydney stewed honey.

Peel and peel the pears and stew them with honey for 1 hour. Eat pear and drink sugar water once a day. The effect is immediate.

It can also be used without sugar. Sydney and lily have their own natural sweetness. It is suitable for soups and suitable for all ages.

  For example, use pork with Sydney, fungus, figs to lean pork, or Sydney lily to lean meat, or chicken, chestnut, and fig with chicken or lean meat.

Vacuum cookers are now on the market and are very convenient to use.

The material can be washed, put into the pot the night before or before work in the morning, and simmered with clear water for 30 minutes, and then turned into a vacuum pot to cook, no need to look at the fire, safe and save energy.

After a few hours, the whole soup is simmered for 30 minutes on an open fire, and you can eat the scent of the soup.

  Eating sesame and hydrating and drying hydrating and hydrating, in addition to easily causing cough or constipation, will cause skin dryness and increase wrinkles.

Therefore, on the basis of hydration, you should also eat a small amount of plant-based foods, such as sesame, almonds, sesame paste, etc. If you can’t eat sweet or don’t like sweet, you can buy bottled fried sesame, boiled noodles orSprinkle some when porridge.

  The more you eat the whiter the cabbage, the more ordinary Chinese cabbage is slightly blended, which is a dish of beauty-cut the chestnuts into halves, simmer the chestnuts with duck soup, and simmer in the cabbage on low heat.
Duck soup nourishes yin and kidneys, chestnuts, spleen and kidneys, cabbage, yin and moisturizes, and regular consumption can improve the complexion caused by yin deficiency.

  250 grams of fresh soy beans to delay aging, vinegar soaked in vinegar for 15 days, take about 10 capsules a day to chew, you can make the skin tender and lightened.

Vine beans contain phospholipids and a variety of amino acids, which can promote the metabolism of skin cells, and reduce cholesterol, improve liver function and delay aging.

  Diet therapy needs to be carried out regularly and continuously. Although it is not as fast as drugs, it has a long-lasting effect and plays a role in regulating and balancing the body.

In view of seasonal climate change, choosing the right food as a daily diet is the most fundamental beauty method.