These 6 bad habits will kill you early

When people are young, they do n’t take health issues seriously. As everyone knows, many seemingly insignificant habits and practices have planted countless health risks for their future. Maybe it ‘s a small mistake you make now.Yangshou has lost a few years!

Take a look at the following article, if you want to improve, or improve!


hzh{display:none;}  犹记得当年20出头,风华正茂,你认为自己的活力永远也不会枯竭;为了让自己看起来更加成熟性感,每日手指间少不了香烟;夏日里更是抓Take every opportunity to show your youthful charm.

Times have changed, and now you have become a member of ordinary people: like everyone else, you are burdened with the pressure to repay loans. More income is used to plan all kinds of family affairs. As for entertainment, it has long been reduced to occasional luxury.

At this time you’re afraid you will start worrying about whether the youthful and unrestrained chic suddenly gave yourself a counterattack?

Smoking, drinking, popping, sunbathing, what threats these seemingly young signs will bring to future health?

Let’s find out.

  The first major harm: repeated weight loss hazards: The medical community used to think that repeated weight loss would lead to metabolic disorders, decreased muscle density, and even sudden death, but in-depth research has shown a qualitative trend for the above.

However, repeatedly losing weight, the impact of weight gain on health is not optimistic.

Recent research from the Washington Medical Center has shown that the body’s long-term immunity has been reduced repeatedly.

Although the specific cause has not been realized, researchers have found that repeated weight loss reduces cell viability and the ability to fight colds, infections, and early cancer cells.

  Improvement method: For people who are overweight, reduce 4.

5 kilograms of weight can reduce the incidence of hypertension and diabetes. Of course, losing excess excess is certainly healthier and smarter than dragging excess meat, but the key lies in how to defend your weight loss results.

First of all, the cause of obesity must be corrected to replace unhealthy lifestyles and habits in the past; then practical actions should be taken to lose weight scientifically and happily according to the recommendations of a nutritionist and his own receptiveness-both to control excessive diets and to ensure dailyThe intake of various nutrients required by the human body.

Third, regular exercise can both reduce the pressure on the human body and promote temporary burning, making the effect of weight loss more significant and longer-lasting.

Finally, no matter how good the weight loss method is, it requires the perseverance of the weight-loss person to cooperate.

  The second major harm: love sunbathing harm: Many people think that sunbathing can not only bring charming skin to you, but also health.

But don’t look at the bright sun-constant or prolonged sunbathing can also cause skin cancer and premature aging (such as stains, wrinkles, loose skin, and broken capillaries).

Although no one can prove to what extent a direct causal relationship between sunbathing itself and skin cancer, studies have shown that those who have experienced solar burns have a higher chance of developing melanoma, the highest mortality rate in skin cancer.Higher than others.

A recent study showed that white people were three times more likely to have melanoma than all other people who like to sunbathe.

In terms of sunbathing, “artificial” sunbathing is somewhat harmful because the skin absorbs a fairly concentrated amount of ultraviolet light in a short period of time.

  Improvement measures (medium effect): From sunburn to skin cancer, can you experience a 10?
30-year incubation period.

So if you were burned by the sun when you were a kid, you must be more alert now.

Check your whole body’s skin every month to see if new jawbone appears, if there is any discoloration or deformation of the old wart, if you find any suspicious symptoms, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

At the same time, if you have an onset of ulcers or if someone in your family who often sunbathes had skin cancer, you should also have a professional skin examination every year.

Of course, there is one more basic point: never receive direct sunlight without applying sunscreen.

  The third major harm: often in noisy environmental hazards: When you are young and love rock and roll, you will find that your hearing is not as good as before.

Often in a noisy environment, the hearing system’s ability to receive medium-wave sound is reduced, and sometimes it is difficult to hear what others are saying, especially when there is noise around.

As people get older, people become more unresponsive due to their increased diversity, and as a result, their ability to listen to high-pitched sounds, such as doorbells, decreases.

  Improvement measures: Hearing loss is irreparable.

But we can take action to prevent continued hearing loss.

For example, when watching TV, listening to music, the intention is to lower the volume a little, and wear earmuffs when using noise-conducting appliances such as vacuum cleaners.

If your ears are constantly buzzing, you may have tinnitus, which is a common disease for those who like to play music loudly.

Although there is no cure, but if you have this symptom, you should seek medical treatment in time, brake to eliminate the possibility of other substitutions, and understand how to relieve the symptoms.

  The fourth major hazard: unprotected sexual hazards: You are likely to contract an infectious sexually transmitted infection without knowing it.
Experts point out that about 75% of women carry chlamydia but do not have any clinical symptoms, and most women with lymphopathy show only mild symptoms, such as urinary discomfort or yellow liquid replacement in the vagina.Protected sex can spread these diseases to men.

In addition, 80% of male patients with genital herpes do not experience obvious clinical symptoms such as pain.
More in-depth research has found that up to 75% of men are affected by human papilloma lymphoma virus (HPV), which is currently the most common infectious disease.

It usually has no obvious symptoms, but if not transmitted to women in time, it can cause cervical cancer.

  What to do: If you don’t check your physical habits regularly, you should ask yourself to do it starting today.

In front of a doctor, you have to be honest about your sexuality.

Herpes is a chronic disease. The use of medications can control the development of the condition and avoid pain and infection.

  Fifth major harm: revival of wine.

hzh{display:none;}  危害:酗酒很容易导致酒精中毒,尤其是在其直系亲属中有此类患者的情况下。The medical community defines drinking wine as: drinking 5 or more bottles of beer at a time, or having a blood alcohol content of 0 or higher.


Because a large amount of alcohol kills nerve cells in the brain, it can lead to memory loss if it is left in the long run.

It may also cause liver diseases such as juvenile liver and cirrhosis. In severe cases, liver transplantation is required to save lives.

  How to improve it: If you haven’t become dependent on alcohol, then set yourself a maximum of one beer a day from now on.

As alcohol intake decreases, the liver is likely to return to normal naturally.

At the same time, although we can’t revive the dead brain nerve cells, as long as there is no stimulation of large amounts of alcohol, the memory function of the brain will gradually recover.

  Sixth major hazard: smoking hazards: because you belong to the risk of occasional cancer, lung cancer and other types of cancer.

Specifically, the proportion of cancer deaths due to smoking can account for 30% of all cancer deaths.

  Remedy: Is there any way to save health for the old smokers who have been for years or even decades?

The answer is, quit smoking.

Experts point out that even quitting smoking for only one year can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease by more than half.

If you can persist for more than 15 years, the chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease returns to the level of those who have never smoked.

Regarding the prevention of lung cancer, researchers have found that those who quit smoking for 5 years may be halved from lung cancer as compared to smokers, and those who quit smoking for 10 years may be reduced to normal levels.

During smoking cessation, you should eat more antioxidant fruits and vegetables. These ingredients can promote cell repair and eliminate carcinogenic free radicals in the body.

At the same time, you should actively participate in sports to strengthen lung function and promote blood circulation in the lungs.