Wuhan: Samadhi Yoga

Samadhi Yoga offers traditional Indian yoga, rigorous style of study, and scientific and effective yoga curriculum design to deliver a professional level of yoga instructors to China, spread the yoga culture, and promote healthy health.

It is a green yoga practice place with professional quality and professional service in Wuhan.

  Introduction of the hall: Samadhi Yoga is famous for its professional yoga teaching system and strong teaching team.

  The Samadhi Yoga Club adopts a fully equipped international standard yoga room. The member’s lounge area can be used free of charge in the club and watch a variety of professional yoga books and audio-visual materials at home and abroad to accompany you into a quiet, peaceful, natural and balanced yoga world.
The club has professional yoga instructors who can guide your yoga practice more scientifically, professionally, and easily.

  Samadhi Yoga guarantees that graduated scholars can stand alone in their previous professional yoga studios and pay great attention to practical teaching. Scholars have enough time to participate in real teaching practice during the study period, and have sufficient teaching practice and simulated teaching.To ensure that each scholar can truly teach independently before graduation.

  Yoga classes: a full range of card types ——- there is always one for you!

  Annual card, semi-annual card, season card, monthly card, bimonthly card, 100 times card, 60 times card, 30 times card, summer card, single experience card Yoga effects: health effects: regulate endocrine, delay aging, eliminate fatigue, Adjusting the physiological and cosmetic effects: firming the skin, beauty and beauty, natural ruddy and shiny body effects: shaping perfect body performance, maintaining physical beauty, improving physical temperament. Medical effects: effectively alleviating and treating various physical discomfort symptoms, such as: shoulder circumferenceInflammation, cervical pain, migraine, sciatica, neurasthenia, insomnia, constipation, female dysmenorrhea and other symptoms.

  Contact Method: Samadhi Yoga Club Address: Building 304, Samadhi Yoga Club, Building D, Tongcheng Plaza, Qingnian Road, Hankou District, Wuhan Tel: 13971020809 Consulting QQ: 79014972, 873752227 College Address: Building D, Tongcheng Plaza, Qingnian Road, Hankou District, Wuhan305 College Tel: 85490156 (Under enrollment definition)