Parents expect too high children to escape online

Why does this happen?

On February 25th, at the weekend public welfare class of the seventh session of the National Health Promotion Program jointly launched by the China Psychological Education Center and other professional psychological institutions, “Psychological Guidance and Internet Addiction”, the leading lecturer Yin Yun said: “Many children think that the virtual worldMore attractive than the real world, but if those kids who like to play basketball go online, they will definitely not do it.

On the contrary, children who are under pressure to study, lack communication with parents, and other hobbies often use the Internet as their “good friends.”

Therefore, there are two main psychological causes of Internet addiction: 1. Reverting to children entering adolescence, supplementing many psychological needs, but not fulfilling them, releasing and venting the environment, conditions and abilities of these normal needs, for many children, The network becomes the only exit.

The Internet can give the child what he needs, likes, but cannot get in real life, for example: real life is tedious, there is no other content than learning.

Has a sense of value and accomplishment in real life, can be “king” on the Internet, “unify China”, and can be admired; lack of self-confidence and ability to communicate with others in daily life, but can’t meet on the Internet, Can make them let go of themselves, for the first time generous, chic with people.

  2. Escape the expectations that children carry in real life. They are too high and exceed their ability to bear.

Some children’s parents have bad feelings and complicated family relationships, making it easier for children to feel helpless, helpless, and the Internet has become a safe haven.

  Therefore, in the face of the children’s evasion and compensation, parents should not just blame their children and the Internet, but should take responsibility for themselves.

The key to solving Internet addiction is to create conditions to recover the child’s psychological needs, so that he does not need to go online to seek satisfaction or escape from the Internet. The main alternative is to let the real world have to overcome him.

If conditions permit, he hopes that parents and children will establish a set of “weekly time mechanism”: 1) require that the child must do every day is not affected; 2) guarantee a rest time every day; 3) the child promised to do one weeklyActivities that parents encourage them to complete