New tips for autumn skincare to awaken tired skin

Introduction: Due to double stress, MM skin is usually in an imbalanced state of oil and water secretion, and the skin’s metabolism is affected. Keratin is easy to eliminate pores, and it is also prone to acne and dehydration. The most obvious is that pores are also caused by collagen.Slack.

The skin around the eyes is often dull and has poor blood circulation.

New skin care tips for fall to help you wake up your weak skin.

  In the choice of skin care products, avoid not to cause excessive burden on the skin, use excessively moisturizing products, and reorganize it to address multiple skin problems such as pores, eye contours, lines, spots, and dehydration. Choose effective skin care ingredients to improveeffect.

  1. For dark circles, choose to add some eye care products that promote blood circulation, such as vitamin E, arnica, citrus polyphenols, di- or tetra-peptides, etc. to improve dark circles, usually do more eye pressure.Or use warm compress method to improve.

  2. For fine lines, dry lines will start to feel the texture of the face gradually increase, especially the facial expression lines produced by squeezing the face is not easy to recover, you should start using some anti-wrinkle that can help collagen proliferation or soothe expression linesCare products.

For example, ingredients containing pentapeptide, vitamin A, fruit acid, and hexapeptide are all maintenance items that should be invested at this time.

  3. In response to the large pores in the thirties of the large pores, the problem is that the pores become larger horizontally due to skin sagging. This is a phenomenon of skin relaxation and relaxation. The skin must be moisturized and firm to improve the pores.Big situation.

For example, products containing vitamin A and L-C are most effective in improving pore problems caused by aging.

  4. For women with pigmentation in their thirties, they often have spots and dryness and dehydration. However, when the skin is dehydrated and dry, the stratum corneum appears rough and scaly and exfoliated, and there is excessive keratinization, and the sensitivity is increased and whitened.The ingredients cannot penetrate the stratum corneum and are effectively absorbed and utilized by the skin, so no matter how whitening is, there is no way to achieve the effect. Therefore, you must choose a whitening essence with a good moisturizing and soothing effect, while increasing the meaning of the stratum corneum and whitening.

Ingredients are rich in vitamin C derivatives, chamomile extract, tranexamic acid, etc.

In addition, it can also buckle its own spot lightening products. Usually, products that add keratinous metabolites such as fruit acid have a faster and obvious spot lightening effect.

  5. Regarding which age stage of skin oxidation abnormality is the most important maintenance item, you can choose a sunscreen lotion that contains anti-oxidant and strengthen skin defense capabilities, such as containing vitamin E, green tea, grape seeds, lycopene,Q10, etc., to prevent damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays.

  Message from the editor: Delaying aging is the most important maintenance point in this period. In addition to the routine maintenance such as moisturizing, anti-oxidation, sun protection, etc., you must also select the aging problems that begin to occur, such as wrinkles, loose pores, and spots.Functional care product with obvious effect.